St.Lilian’s Home in Gayaza (Central Region)

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St.Lilian’s Home in Gayaza (Central Region)

Location: Gayaza
Date: 10/Oct/2019
Budget: Ugx 3,000,000/=

St. Lillian Orphanage is located in Gayaza and has existed for over 20 years. The Orphanage looks after children with special needs who need special treatment, special food, special medication and private tutorials among others.

St. Lillian Orphanage is a generous effort by a nun by the names of Ms. Amoit Lucy who single-handedly takes care of disabled children that are abandoned by their parents.

In October we held a Corporate Social Responsibility program at St. Lillian Orphanage for Disabled Children in order to reach out and solve some of the issues affecting the smaller communities.

Sister Lucy depends on generous offers from the church, community groups, interact clubs and corporate companies to house, feed and clothe these abandoned children. The home came to our attention when one of our staff that was involved in a community project to clean the home mentioned it as a good way to give back to the community.

The home houses 32 children where 9 of them go to school. Tuition for these children is taken care of by devoted individuals that contribute to the home. The sister also employs 2 ladies that she pays minimum wage to clean, cook and help her take care of the children.


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